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What INCLUSIONHT can offer

Workplace Support

It is vital for neurodiverse individuals to receive the right support to succeed.

In my experience, neurodiversity is often overlooked and neurodivergent children in school and adults in the workplace struggle more significantly than neurotypical people to access the same support and opportunities.

 As someone with a background in special education and leadership, I believe that I can help  neurodivergent individuals to reach their full potential by providing guidance and support for their needs.

For example, I can create initiatives or workshops which focus on recognizing neurodiversity, understand how to provide necessary accommodations, and allyship against stigmas surrounding neurodivergence. Moreover, by aiding neurodivergent individuals with making their voice heard in educational settings and/or workplaces, I hope to give individuals a greater ability to advocate for themselves while receiving appropriate resources.

Neurodiversity is something that needs to be celebrated and championed, both in the classroom and in the workplace.

Supportive Friend

Anti-Racism Training

Organisations have an obligation to promote an inclusive environment for all students and staff. With the right approach, an anti-racism coach can help create lasting, systemic change that will benefit everyone in your organisation.  As an anti-racism coach, I help schools and other organisations to fulfil their obligations by providing guidance and support as they work to ensure an inclusive community.
I am determined to use my lived experiences as a black, female school leader to support others to succeed.

Study Group
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Assistive Technology Training

Math Homework

Content Writing

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Public Speaking


Workplace Adjustment Assessments

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Group Workshops


School workshops for students

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