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We have launched! BAME_ED SEND

I had a great day today at the BAME_ED SEND conference in Stratford, East London. It was so good to connect with people that I had already met online but hadn’t got the chance to meet yet in real life. It was also great connecting with new people.

To launch the BAME_Ed SEND network I presented a talk based on my upcoming article for Teaching Times.

It was around Exploring the barriers caused by the intersectionality between RACE and SEND in Education.

The room was full and it was exciting to speak to so many people who are truly passionate about anti-racism and supporting children/young people with special needs.

My talk was inspired by the book below by Bernard Coard –

I was moved to research into this more after watching the BBC documentary, Subnormal: A British Scandal which aired on BBC1 on Thursday 20 May

You can read more about the documentary here-

Although I cant share the publication with you yet, I have included some links to some additional information below.

I will update this blog post with the final article when it is published by Teaching Times.

I am excited to be leading this network with Amjad Ali and Priya Bhagrath. We will be sending out some further information shortly.

In the meantime, please visit- BAMEed SEND – BAMEed Network for further information

Follow us on twitter @BAMEedSEND

or Email us at-

Best Wishes


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